“My recommendation for Louise cannot come highly enough. I have been seeing her for nearly a year and experience consistently fantastic results every time. As a health care professional myself, it is important to me that I have a therapist with a solid knowledge base, and I have found Louise’s anatomy and physiology knowledge far superior to my own! She is clearly very highly trained and experienced. More than this however, I find her to be a huge help not only physically but mentally as well and she provides a complete holistic approach that leaves me skipping out of her treatment room! “
A.R. Nurse (Cardiff)

“I was diagnosed as having Parkinson’s Disease in 2001. The stiffness and rigidity PD causes is painful and limits my mobility. The massage therapy treatment provided by Louise restores the flexibility in my back and shoulders. I have been so pleased with the treatment results that I have recommended Louise to friends and relatives. After treatment they have always felt better and their conditions have improved.”
B.C Civil Engineer (Swansea)

“Louise is a total tonic. She listens, cures, cares and entertains. I aways leave her feeling better both physically and emotionally! She is hugely knowledgeable about her subject area and is constantly bringing new thinking to her work to the benefit of her patients. She is an undoubted leader in her field.”
L.H.T Marketing/Communications consultant (Gower)

“Louise is brilliant and has got rid of pain which I’ve had for years and thought I’d have for life.”
C.HT Farming professional (Gower)

“I have visited many bodyworkers all over the world and without a doubt Louise is up there with the best. Her knowledge of the body never fails to impress me which is why I recommend her to everyone that I know. Whether you have an injury or not I guarantee you will benefit from seeing Louise”
E.C Yoga teacher (Swansea)

I have known louise for many years. She is definitely my ‘go to’ girl whenever I have a muscular skeletal injury!! As a runner & cyclist I’ve had many opportunities to visit louise. Her knowledge, her attention to detail & her problem solving skills are amazing. She,always sends me away with self help tips to use between treatments. Louise was as determined as me, that i make the start line of Snowdon marathon, and I certainly would not have made it without her treatments in the lead up to the race. I would not hesitate to recommend louise to anyone who is experiencing muscular skeletal pain, regardless of how the pain occurred.
D.E. Nurse (Swansea)

I had struggled with neck and back pain for 20 years. This limited me physically, and I often needed painkillers to get through the day. Going to the gym was difficult, to say the least. Louise has changed this around completely. With her help and advice, I have introduced the right exercises to keep me strong and pain-free. I don’t need painkillers any more. I would not hesitate in recommending Louise to friends and family.
J.L. Doctor (Neath)

“Having been a long term sufferer of lower back pain following a surfing related injury in 2005, I’d been led to believe I just had to “manage” my back with daily stretches, morning and night, to keep me going. Then a couple of years ago a friend referred me to Louise and I can’t emphasise just how much she’s improved my durability, particularly after cold winter surfs. I used to have regular relapses/back spasms, confining me to days of limited movement and a few weeks out of the water each time, but thanks to sessions with Louise and the techniques/stretches/exercises Louise has shown me, I’m rarely down for long and now enjoy long periods of little to no lower back pain at all. Even if I do have a spasm, Louise has shown me ways to combat it swiftly. On top of that, her permanent sunny disposition, sharp sense of humour and a shared love of Tarantino’s back catalogue means I’m lucky enough now to consider Louise a friend rather than just my back guru!!
G.H. Surfer and cinematic wizard (Swansea)

“I have been receiving treatment from Louise on a regular basis over the last couple of years mainly for lower back, neck and shoulder problems. Louise is very professional and caring in her approach and talks you through the diagnosis and treatment step by step which immediately puts you at ease. She is very knowledgable about how the body works and always knows how to treat the problem and any underlying issues there may be. Louise will also offer advice on specific exercises and stretches to help keep me on track. I have no hesitation in recommending Louise to anyone who is looking for treatment, she’s fab”
H.E. Financial Advisor