Our Promise to You

We know there are lots of options available to you to potentially ease and treat musculoskelatal pain. From Acupuncture to Zero balancing. Different therapists and different treatments. Its difficult to know which one will suit you best. Especially if you are not sure of what is happening with your body. Our promise to you is this…

We will do our very best to gain improvement within 3 sessions. We will use all our great techniques to assess, investigate and help your body to achieve steps toward recovery and pain free living within these 3 sessions. This is your investment and we take it seriously.

If there is no improvement within these sessions, within these 180 minutes, it will be appropriate to point you in another direction. It will be clear at that point whether our techniques are suitable for you at this moment in time. With the best training, evidence based techniques and the best will in the world, no therapist can say they can treat every person and every ailment. We know this, and we want you to be in the best place to recover and heal.

3 sessions is yours and our investment.

Our Ethos

You are an individual, your own unique set of experiences, your own set of genetics, your own injury/illness history.

At Native Bodyworks we start with what we know for sure and then we can build.  We look at you, no comparisons, clean slates. Then we can build.

Every session is different and tailored specifically for you.

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