An Alternative Approach to Treating Pain

“Movement can replace many drugs but no drug can ever replace movement”

Anatomy in MotionAiM® is a systematic approach to assessing and influencing movement through the gait cycle.

From the big toe to the jaw, each joint has its own unique influence on how we move.

Therefore, if there is a dysfunction in an area, due to trauma or stress, regardless of when it happened, or even if you remember it, it can cause a movement pattern that could be creating pain.

By identifying and understanding these problems, we can then use movement and specific exercise to help restore balance to the system resulting in a pain free space.

The philosophy behind AiM is that we, as therapists, provide an environment for the body to heal itself.

We will:-

  • assess your posture and your movement potential within that posture.
  • take a recording of how your body moves through the gait cycle (walking)
  • assess how you achieve basic movements
  • “interview” the body by challenging its perceived boundaries.

Comfort zones are a wonderfully safe environment to be in but we need to step outside them so we can gain some perspective. Restore lost movement. Shine a light on the problem and offer a solution.

AiM techniques can help you:

  • resolve pain
  • reconnect with your body
  • take back control
  • gain confidence
  • improve performance

This video shows the founder of AiM working on Ray, a guy with chronic back pain. It was part of BBC1’s series Doctor In The House.

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery”


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