Bodywork “Native” Workshops

Stretch and Reconditioning Workshops

Movement is fundamental to a healthy body.
This is a 2 hour workshop where we teach movement and strengthening exercises to encourage self management and prevention of pain and injury.
These Movements work on a neuromuscular level and we’ll look at a different areas of the body and safely stretch the tissues, inviting the brain to move into a position of ease.
The stretches also include dynamic, fascia, static and active isolated stretching. In order for mind/body connection during movement a meditation precedes the workshop and a mindful meditation follows.

Fascia Workshops

This is a half day workshop in which bodyworkers, yoga teachers and just the curious can gain an insight into the fascinating world of fascia. What it is, how it
might change your mindset of movement and why we should look further than the point of pain to understand the source. This is a “hands on” interactive workshop which develops an understanding of your own body.
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