1# Lesson from clinic….

1# Lesson from clinic….

Lessons from clinic….

Last month, a patient rang me and told me that an exercise I had prescribed was aggravating her condition.

This was a very innocuous exercise, given to add gentle movement.  Discomfort was not an expected response.

It’s important to note, at this stage, that there had been considerable medical history, dotted with surgeries, medications, pain killers and clinical investigations.

I had to try a different approach.

What if the nervous system had gone into overdrive?

What if there was a protection mechanism in place that was now the biggest hindrance?

Our new Path…..

Let’s calm the nervous system down first.  Try some mindfulness focused breathing and then we’ll go back to some gentle movement.”

It Worked.


A lesson for us all…

The basics are a damn good place to start.


Take it easy