2 Facelifts and Organic Skincare

2 Facelifts and Organic Skincare

The facelift issue

It’s been a while, but at last I can finally say “Welcome” to the Native Bodyworks blog.

If you’re a little confused as to why you’ve just found yourself reading this random mail, I’m not stalking you and I’m not even sure what spam is.  Your names on here because at one point in time you’ve either inquired about or have had soft tissue therapy with us.

Well I say us, it’s just me, Louise.

I just wanted to bring you up to date with what’s been happening over the last few months.  Its called the Facelift blog for a reason..

  • The first facelift is the website. The old one started to look a bit saggy around the edges and needed a bit of brightening up, so here’s the new site.

You can take a look around, all information is up to date and we also have a frequently asked questions page. But, if there’s something not covered you can always throw me a text, call or email. There’s everything I could think of on here, even the Dr. in the house video from the Anatomy in Motion training.

  • Then we have the other facelift of the fascial variety.  New training and therefore a new treatment is on offer.

Training this time took me to Wigan for a few days.  I managed to arrive home a few lb’s heavier after all the pies, but most importantly, with a qualification in a new treatment called “The Natural Fascial “Facelift”.

It’s a soft tissue treatment using effective techniques on the face to smooth out expression lines.  Tried it out many times on one half of my husbands face just to compare sides. I’m not sure he’s totally thrilled with the one-sided experiment but it was all in the name of science and it showed that it really does work to smooth out expression lines.

The treatment also is beneficial for pain complaints. The process involves working inside the mouth as well as on the surface, just so we can get to those muscles from a even stronger therapeutic angle which will help Sinus, TMJ and Migraine sufferers.

This photo shows before and after 5 sessions (not my husband)

  • Last, but not least, we are now stocking the amazingly wonderful  “Conscious Skincare”.  A brand of Organic skincare that’s completely paraben free and cruelty free. This range has won plenty of national awards and the best bit is that it’s made in Wales! It’s already proving to be very well received. Especially the Organic Rosehip oil and  rejuvenating day and night creams. The men’s shaving gel has already sold out and the cleanser is running in short supply but I’ll have more stock soon.

Our online shop will be up and running shortly but I have some stock in the therapy room both in Swansea and Neath Clinics.  If you’re interested just get in touch.

Looking forward, into the not too distant future, I will be posting free videos on things like “the best stretches/self help techniques for lower back pain” etc. It’s sometimes difficult to remember prescribed exercises so I’ll just add a few visuals to benefit everyone.

That’s about everything for now.  Keep tuned for less of the rambling but more soft tissue related posts to help keep you moving and living well.

Until next time