It’s a matter of perspective 

It’s a matter of perspective 



Welcome to my first Blog post.

This is me and Moose looking out on Rhossilli bay (she’s the hairy one). I’m also the massage and movement therapist, no other reason other than I’m the one that’s trained in those things and she has no thumbs.

It feels bonkers for me to say this but I completed my first qualification in massage 24 years ago in 1992. Things have come a long way since then, the times of trying to force soft tissue into submission have thankfully ceased.  In the early days, one of my first sports therapist teachers actually said “if you’re not sweating over your client, you’re not doing your job correctly” imagine that!

Its now thankfully, about finding answers, we know that it’s the body that will heal itself, our role is to provide the right environment for that healing to take place.  Without movement there is no life, life is all about movement and what we can do, as therapists and individuals alike is to give the brain and tissues options for movement, opportunity to flow. Move with, not against.

Have you heard the Confucius quote “life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated“?

Well I think, hopefully we can strip a few complications away. When we focus on specifics, when we zoom in, there’s a danger we can be oblivious to the obvious, over complicating.

For example, Fascia, myofascial release has been an incredible learning curve for me. Whenever we go further into education we need to focus, we need to be specialists.  However, when we have gained in knowledge then we can start to zoom back out and use that knowledge along with everything else we know to look at the bigger picture.

Perspective is the way we see things when we look at them from a certain distance and it allows us to appreciate their true value. 

Rafael E. Pino

Basically, we are far more than the sum of parts.  Stepping back and taking a look at the whole may bring the answers.

So, I will be posting about health, soft tissue and movement but from a wider perspective. Looking at the holistic interconnection of all things. 

Taking a big zoom out here, I asked some of my colleagues and friends “If you could give one piece of advice regarding health, what would it be?”

This is what they came up with. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did..

Orthopaedic massage @hernan_valdivia “Get plenty of sleep”

Jackie Earl @earljackie  Keep moving forward”

Nikki Sharp @NikkiRsharp “walk more to live longer and eat as many colours you can each day”

Meg “Drink water, move and laugh

Action for happiness @actionhappiness “Learn mindfulness”

Louise Thorndycraft “Do what you love as often as possible, don’t put it off until tomorrow as tomorrow never comes”

Jemma Fordham@jemmafmassage “Move as much as you can, in as many ways as you can”

James “move as much as possible”

Dorothy Nielsen @DTNThetapy “Be kind to yourself, mentally and physically”

Mandy@Mandylemess “sleep and hydrate. Both make the body feel better and aid recovery”

Dave Batten “You can never stretch too often”

Phil Greenfield “Don’t keep secrets from your nearest and dearest”

Tanya James To have me time, once a week, where you do what makes you smile”

Lesley Don “Never feel guilty when you’re doing nothing”

Kathryn Dean massage “Listen to your body, it’s usually telling you what you need”

Louise H. “Diets don’t work. Everything in moderation”

Angela J. “My grandfather always said…if there’s a minute to be had, give it to your arse”

Gareth R. “Don’t worry, be happy”

Judith H-W. “Life is short, wear your party pants”

Sian G. “Never take good health for granted”

Tracey Kiernan. Blend therapy and training “Stretch

Zumba Swansea @zumbaswansea “Zumba

Jules Barnard “Be positive and grateful for all you have

Helen Wilson “Don’t eat meat”

Ann E. “Don’t bottle things up and never forget to hug the ones you love”

Thank you for reading to the end.

Until next time….




  • Siân Griffiths

    The taster got my interest, when’s the next slice

  • Meg

    A blog that starts with a beautiful sea view, a gorgeous dog and lovely Lou – Is a blog that I am going to enjoy.

    Lou is someone I trust, respect and proudly call a role model. Her therapies have improved my life and her stretching class have made me a public stretcher – neck stretching whilst ordering my Starbucks, a nice back bend whilst queuing for my lunch and a full on forward fold, well just because I can.

    More blogs please

  • Ann Evans

    Looking forward to reading lots more

  • elizabethmilligan

    Looking forward to future blog posts – welcome to the blogosphere 🙂

  • eve

    Really insightful and inspiring

  • whippetwisdom

    Welcome and big wags to Moose! Looking forward to reading more from you soon!